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  • Leadership Development

    Great leaders spend 50% of their time developing themselves. Change behaviors that are holding you back.  Improve your Emotional Intelligence and Executive Presence.  Discover and develop your authentic leadership style.

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  • Career Advancement

    Gain clarity of life purpose. Develop a personal mission statement and clarify your values.  Discover the authentic you, create alignment of your core self with your career and attract work that gives you joy and allows you to shine.

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  • Team Coaching

    Learn how to combine individual talents into one collaborative team. Understand the Communication style, behavior and motivation of each team member. Know how to nurture, mentor and empower this new dynamic team.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to your questions about the Coaching Process.  How do I know I will achieve my goals? What will we do in coaching? What methods, tools and processes are used?

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Describe Your Personal Brand

What three words or very short phrases describe your personal brand? If you can’t explain it, you can’t promote it. We all try to figure out the gist of a person; catalogue and put each personality into a box. If you are going to be defined and put in a box, shouldn’t you be the one to paint the box? A clear personal results in a career that feeds your passion, dreams, career objectives and personal goals. Ready to have that life?

What Blocks are Getting in Your Way?

I excel at building confidence in those who feel beaten down or burnt out. Whether it is fear of failure or fear of success, at some core level we have a lack of confidence. That fear shows up as seemingly invisible blocks that keep us from doing what we clearly know needs to be done. What is holding you back? How would your life be different if you were fearless? Ready for that life?

Susan Gurnik

Susan Gurnik has a natural gift for seeing an individual’s strengths and excels at building confidence. From the first meeting, you will know that Susan has truly heard your challenges and understands your goals. She draws upon several tools and processes but firmly believes in tailoring each coaching engagement for the unique goals of the client. The best way to know whether Susan Gurnik is the right coach for you or your firm is through an exploratory phone call.  Call Now: (407) 718-0895 or submit a Contact Request.

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