Virtual Team Challenged by Explosive Growth

Virtual Team Challenged by Explosive Growth


The corporation was experiencing explosive growth and the corporative culture was evolving as the firm prepared to do an Initial Public Offering (IPO).  To effectively manage these growing pains, the team leader Executive was assigned Leadership Development Coaching. The team needed coaching and group facilitation to ensure collaboration of best practices despite being geographically dispersed.


The Executive had been identified as key talent to retain during corporate restructuring. One-on-one coaching supported the Executive to develop additional coaching skills, leadership abilities and expertise to be nimble during numerous changes to processes, organizational structure, personnel changes and changing corporate culture. 

The team met via conference call once a week, but this amount of interaction was not sufficient given the changes going on in the corporation. The Executive decided to bring the team together for a two-day retreat and use this opportunity for team coaching.

Coaching Engagement

Assessments and one-on-one coaching sessions were conducted with team members prior to the growth strategy retreat. A group facilitation/coaching session was conducted on each day of the retreat. Susan worked with the Executive to blend team building approaches into other activities. After the retreat, another one-on-one coaching session was conducted with each team member. The Executive continued one-on-one leadership development coaching while the firm completed their IPO and restructuring.


The assessments provided a common “language” to facilitate understanding and collaboration amongst team members.  The team had vastly improved communication and trust which resulted in open sharing, decisions which represented contributions from the entire team, and they exceeded their sales goals for the following year.  The Executive’s evolved leadership skills were recognized and she was assigned to lead several cross-functional, high-visibility projects. 

Long Term Results

The Executive reported that coaching “has been an asset in a number of business situations – from change management and rapid organizational growth to employee engagement and development.” Relative to team coaching, the Executive said “Susan helped my team to relate in positive, productive ways. Through coaching we were able to excel as individuals and function as a group more effectively.