Leadership Development and Executive Presence for Rising Star

Leadership Development and Executive Presence for Rising Star


Female IT executive identified as key talent in succession plan and growth strategy.  Executive was increasingly becoming the face of the firm within the IT industry and customer’s industry.  As a young millennial, the executive did not have extensive years of experience to fully develop the leadership abilities and executive presence that she currently needed for her growing role. 


A six-month coaching engagement began with completion of an assessment and an interview 360 conducted with six key stakeholders.  Coaching occurred virtually for most sessions with two face-to-face sessions scheduled one-third and two-thirds through the engagement.  Based upon work with the client, interviews with her superior and interview 360’s, an individual development plan was established after a few sessions.  This plan was reviewed and approved by her superior and another stakeholder.

Coaching sessions used a variety of tools and assignments between sessions to maximize the benefit and forwarding action of the coaching sessions.  The executive went from skeptical to fully embracing and being engaged in the coaching.  At the end of the coaching engagement, the executive reported that coaching had help her solve communication challenges she has had for many years and she was grateful that coaching enabled her to be on a fast-track for advancement.


The executive was skeptical at the beginning of the engagement but quickly became engaged as she discovered how coaching could support not only communication skills on the job but communication skills in all aspects of her life.  The executive met all of the six goals identified in her individual development plan created for the coaching engagement as self-reported by the executive and from interviews with her supervisor and other key stakeholders.