Two Teams Become One

Two Teams Become One

Team Coaching And Group Facilitation


Create an aligned, maximum functioning team from the merger of two smaller teams that had different corporate cultures.  Support the Owner of this small business in leadership of this team. 


Two businesses that had been strategically aligned were being merged into one business entity. While each employee had occasionally worked together, they came from different corporate cultures.  The goal was creation of one unified team absent a “us vs them” mentality and tensions over differing opinions of best practices.

Coaching Engagement

The engagement included assessments, training seminars, one-on-one coaching sessions with each individual plus exercises to incorporate knowledge into their corporate culture. The team could only be away from work for an hour or two at a time. Therefore, the engagement was spread over one year with most of the work occurred in the first six months, followed by six months of support and exercises to ensure permanency of the changes and mastery of new skills.


The team gained the ability to productively discuss differences. Everyone became aware of what each member brought to the team.  They learned to trust each other and fully leverage each person’s strengths. Members felt empowered and contributed ideas towards establishment of best practices.  The engagement included support to the owner in identifying the best fit for bringing on another c-level executive.

Long-Term Results

The result has been a cohesive team which effectively delivers superior customer service and quality work.  Three years later the owner reports that changes from the coaching engagement continue to benefit the team.  The owner said she received tremendous results from the extensive engagement and that the sustainable changes continue to be “worth every penny.”