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Career Advancement

Career Advancement

Strategic Gain Coaching will help you to sort through the muck and emerge the powerful leader you know you can be. 

Considering a career change but mired in uncertainty? Feeling lost yet full of options? My proven coaching process provides clarity, personal brand strategy and a road map for career advancement.

I have developed a coaching process that elicits a person’s core strengths, honest desires and achievable solutions. Clients consistently have light-bulb-moments through awareness and renewed faith in their innate abilities. The process then proceeds to defining your personal brand, establishing a strategic career plan and action steps to move forward. If you have a true desire to explore options and make a change, the program will bring you success. I have a natural gift for seeing an individual’s strengths and excel at reviving enthusiasm in clients who feel beaten down. Through my process, you will develop your personal brand, achieve current goals and create a long-term career strategy.

Typical Career Challenges

  • Crave career growth yet feel hampered by a lack of confidence. 
  • Feel burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Struggling to take your career to the next level. 
  • Lost confidence in your ability to excel.
  • Unsure why you did not receive a promotion.
  • Confused as to why you are not creating better results.?

Through Development Coaching, you will

  • Believe in your core strengths and have fearless Confidence
  • Create an authentic personal brand and powerful career strategy
  • Drive the career path of your making

Some approaches used in Career Coaching

Core Energy Coaching  

Discover blocks that are keeping you from reaching success. Achieve a shift in perspective and attitude. This approach is Based upon the philosophy that “We Attract what we Radiate.” Susan Gurnik holds an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner certification to administer Energy Leadership Index ™ assessment.

Career Transition Insight

Creating a career aligned with your authentic self is essential for a phenomenal life.  Learn to shift your focus from shoulds and coulds to WANTS Explore career options from perspective of (1) personality fit (2) subject area interest (3) empirical data Susan Gurnik is certified to administer Strong Interest ™ inventory.

Personal Brand

Define and promote your authentic self for professional advancement and personal success. Authenticity is a magnet for attracting connections and opportunities which are in alignment with your goals and desires.  The process consists of Strategic Gain’s Personal Brand Interview combined with Assessment Interpretations.  This is a Coach and Client collaboration and uses a combination of consulting/recommendations and coaching/client-driven solution approaches. 

Blind Spots and 360 instruments

We all have blind spots; aspects of ourselves which we are unaware. Knowledge of these blind spots supports an informed foundation for the Development Plan How do others see you? A 360 instrument gathers information online from individuals throughout your sphere: boss, associates, direct-reports, indirect-reports, customers and others.  The online tool uses assessment type questions combined with open-ended questions.  Susan Gurnik is certified to administer several 360 instruments.

Communication Behavioral Style

Recognize and adapt your style to the preferred behavioral/communication style of others. Some people place priorities on tasks while others are more people focused.  Individuals may prefer a faster-paced, direct communication style while others prefer a more deliberative and less direct style.  Susan Gurnik is trained and licensed to administer the Everything DiSC ™ assessments.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is much more than being able to read others or being self-aware.  It involves the ability to express ourselves, maintain relationships, cope with stress and be confident. Measure and improve emotional intelligence in five key areas: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making, Stress Management and fifteen sub-competencies. Susan Gurnik is an Emotional Intelligence Coach and certified to administer EQi 2.0 ™ assessment.

Strengths Based Coaching  

Develop innate Talents into formidable Strengths.  Prevent over-doing strengths and taking them to the Dark Side. What creates success is not a magical set of Strengths but the ability to understand and fully leverage our strengths. Susan Gurnik is a Gallup-Trained Strengths Coach and licensed to administer Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 ™ assessment.