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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Let’s be honest, did you wake up and say, “I am great, but I just want to be better” and then decided to hire an Executive Coach?  Not likely.  There is often a precipitating event.  Some hick-up in your career that has become a roadblock. 

Whether it is the CEO who is being questioned by the Board of Directors or the middle Manager who receives a bad review, we all have times in our career when we desire to improve and recognize that support is essential.  This program assists key talent to reach their full potential and eliminate any blocks to  advancement.  

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Leadership Development serves C-Level executives but it is also appropriate for any smart, talented professional who desires to go to the next level.  

What Does Leadership Development Achieve?

Executives hone communication skIlls, eliminate unconscious self-limiting beliefs, resolve blind spots, leverage their strengths and close any performance gaps.

Leadershsip Development works from the inside out; it is not training nor consulting.  The executive achieves an enlightened perspective on human behavior, vastly improved soft skills and a new process for dealing with issues.  This results in a more engaged professional, improved performance and  sustainable growth.     

Strong leadership and effective management are vastly enhanced.  Executives develop a style that is both congruent with their unique personal brand and fulfills the needs of the organization. 

Stratigic Gain coaching programs are based on the philosophy that designing a career aligned with one’s authentic self is essential for professional and personal success. Through Leadership Development, professionals eliminate burn-out, achieve work-life balance, have a renewed passion for their career, accomplish professional objectives and achieve personal goals.  Executives gain clarity about their purpose, develop a personal mission vision and experience true joy. 

What Happens in Leadership Coaching?

Coaching Program

Strategic Gain’s Leadership Development program is comprised of proven methods that get results.  It is also customized by emphasizing the areas of greatest need.  It includes Self-Assessments, Questionnaires and Online Interpretive Assessments.  A written Coaching Plan is created that provides a roadmap for achieving goals and objectives. 

Typical development Areas

Emotional Intelligence

Do you have the ability to read others?  Do you have empathy?  Yet motivating employees and gaining their trust remains elusive?  Emotional Intelligence is much more than an ability to read others.  It involves Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making and Stress Management.  Broken down it includes even more such as self-confidence and impulse control.  

Removing Internal Blocks

Do you know what you need to do but just can’t seem to get it done?  Has your self-confidence taken a hit and you find yourself holding back?  Everyone has several “Not good enough” Gremlins that block us from forward movement.  Removing these blocks and triggers are essential to meet your professional objectives, personal goals and find joy.  

Understanding and adapting to communication and behavioral styles of others

There is a wide range of ways that people communicate, behave, process information, make decisions, interact with others, find motivation and react to stress.  A great manager and leader can recognize and adapt to these differences.  

Creating, building and leading effective teams

Results and innovative work is accomplished with effective teams.  Dysfunctional teams will have high turn-over, missed deadlines and lackluster results.  Know how to put together a balanced team, build that team to greatness and influence continual improvement. 

Personal Brand Development

Business has a tendency to categorize people.  We want to define people and place in a one-dimensional box labeled numbers person, people person, influencer or worker-bee.  If people are going to put you in a box, shouldn’t you Paint Your Own Box?  Otherwise, you might be pigeon-holed into reputation for work that is not your passion and perhaps doesn’t even play to your strengths.  

Career Strategy

If we do not drive our own career, twists and turns may take us far away from our passions.  We begin to have a career full of “should’s” and lacking of “want’s. Developing a career strategy helps us to make career decisions with clarity.  We design a career aligned with our authentic self.