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Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Create, Build and Lead Effective Teams

Results and innovative work is accomplished with effective teams.  Dysfunctional teams will have high turn-over, missed deadlines and lackluster results.  Know how to put together a balanced team, build that team to greatness and influence continual improvement. 

Teams are complex organizations comprised of complex individuals.Creating a whole which is magnitudes more impactful than the individuals requires strong leadership skills and understanding of team dynamics.

Programs for Team Coaching

Customized Team Coaching engagements are developed using at least one assessment tool as the building block for the coaching.

Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams

This team coaching program built upon the model that five characteristics are key to a cohesive effective team.The foundation is an ability for members to be genuinely transparent and honest with each other to build level one, TRUST.Once trust is established the team can develop the remaining levels of CONFLICT (ability to opening engage in debate of ideas), COMMIT (members have buy-in), ACCOUNTABLE (members hold each other accountable to the clear plan) and RESULTS.Many are familiar with this model which was laid out by Leoni in his book entitled Five Dysfunctions of Teams.Susan Gurnik is licensed to administer the Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams program which is based upon the Leoni team model and the DiSC instrument and.

Emotional Intelligence

Do you have the ability to read others?  Do you have empathy?  Yet motivating employees and gaining their trust remains elusive?  Emotional Intelligence is much more than an ability to read others.  It involves Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making and Stress Management.  Broken down it includes even more such as self-confidence and impulse control.  See Emotional Intelligence for more information. 

Removing Internal Blocks

Do you know what you need to do but just can’t seem to get it done?  Has your self-confidence taken a hit and you find yourself holding back?  Everyone has several “Not good enough” Gremlins that block us from forward movement.  Removing these blocks and triggers are essential to meet your professional objectives, personal goals and find joy.  See Core Energy Coaching for more information.

Understanding and adapting to communication and behavioral styles of others

There is a wide range of ways that people communicate, behave, process information, make decisions, interact with others, find motivation and react to stress.  A great manager and leader can recognize and adapt to these differences.  See Communication Behavioral Style for more information.